GN3.3 Makes the medigin go down (Gin)

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GN3.3 Makes the medigin go down (Gin)

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An unusually earthy gin. Deep, rooty and lightly tarry. Full of liquorice, fisherman’s friends, vapour rubs, black pepper, menthol, gooseberry acidity and chalky minerality. Superbly fresh, clean and full of linens, wools, citrus pith and clay. Reduction brings out tart mango, grapefruit, pineapple juice and the potent petrichor scent of walking through a wet jungle. Surprisingly potent with further notes of overripe blood orange and crystallised lemon peel. The palate opens with vanilla beans, Turkish delight, orange segments, lime leaves, peppery cocktail bitters, arrowroot and soft medical tinctures. With water this morphs towards ginger in syrup, lemon and honey throat lozenges, bubblegum, wormwood, quinine and green tea full of strong honey.

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