GN3.11 Sunshine tea (Gin)

GN3.11 Sunshine tea (Gin)

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The citrus aspect was the most immediate and impressive upon first nosing. Lots of limeade, sherbet dib-dab, starfruit, meadowsweet and wee hints of wild thyme, fennel seed, bergamot and pine resin. With water we found bubblegum sorbet, watermelon and lemon barley water. Some fizzy sweet sourness keeping everything super fresh. The neat palate is full of synthetic strawberry sweets, drumstick lollies and some woody juniper notes. Some mineral touches and hints of chamomile tea. Water adds the warmth of cloves and dentist’s mouthwash, followed by more luscious sweetness of candied fruit peels, gorse flower and strawberry coulis.

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