G7.19 Storry’s quarry

G7.19 Storry’s quarry

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The nose opened with overripe yellow plums, sweet orange wines, mineral oil, drying paints and American jellybeans. Then candied citrus peels, artificial fruit cordials and mixed confectionery from a warm sweet shop. Also hints of cider vinegar, wood polish and plums macerating in sugar. Water brought dunnage warehouse must, creme brûlée, malt loaf, bike chain oil and caraway. Some creamed coconut, strawberries and pina colada. The palate opened with a subtle earthiness and tobacco leaf. Then plunged deep into milk bottle sweeties, tinned custard, doughnut batter, caramelising brown sugar, sponge cake and soft herbal cough medicines. Water gave us coconut cream, pineapple syrup, dried tarragon, toasted pistachios, crispy chicken skin and lush rummy sweetness.


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