G7.17 A grain of wood

G7.17 A grain of wood

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A seductive plunge into Dundee cake, a clay vat of ancient navy rum, sticky raisins, and vanilla pods in custard. Hints of fresh paint, treacle toffee, armagnac and prunes soaked in brandy. Water brought maple candies, butterscotch, a hint of bergamot and bags of apple strudel, creme anglaise, foam banana, cherry jam and toasted pineapple chunks. The palate was initially deep and riddled with dark notes of chewing tobacco, air dried banana chips and sticky toffee pudding. Then light notes of polished hardwoods, orange bitters and cinnamon sticks. Reduction brought out lemon sweets, cloves, rum ice cream, candied citrus peel, demerara sugar and warm gingerbread with salted caramel. Matured in a bourbon barrel for 25 years before being transferred to a 24 month, air seasoned new oak barrel with a #4 level char and toasted heads.


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