G15.8 A campfire cookout

G15.8 A campfire cookout

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After 10 years in ex-bourbon wood, we filled this into a heavy-toast, medium-char, ex-peaty hogshead. The nose leaves charred impressions of toasted coconut, burnt banana bread, crisped bacon and a bonfire of leaves – also linseed oil and putty, pear and pineapple and campfire hotdogs. The palate picks up immediate but gentle ashy, nutty, heathery smoke; white pepper, roasted peanuts, toasted almonds and ‘Coke-soaked ham with treacle glaze garnished with pineapple slices and cherries’. The reduced nose gets apple, papaya, and mango, pork sausages with white wine sauerkraut. The palate has ginger cake and green curry spice, smoked sea-salt, cherry Coke and ‘chewing kindling’.

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