Diamond-Studded Duo

Diamond-Studded Duo

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Hall & Oates, Lennon & McCartney, R2.13 & R2.14… Well, that might be an overstatement, but again the best songwriters come in pairs. Or the best casks of rum!

It’s extremely uncommon for us to be able to offer up sequential cask numbers, and we’re lucky enough to have two incredible Guyanese single casks up for grabs in this bundle. We can safely say these two rums couldn’t be any further apart if they tried. R2.13 is funky esters and red peppers, meanwhile R2.14 is like a seafood buffet of flavours in a glass.

Individually in Outturn they are $240 & $235 each, but if you jump on this tasty rum duo for just $399, saving $76!



We grilled salmon in a soy sauce and brown sugar marinade, flambéed pineapple chunks and oven-roasted coconut plantains. Funky flavours reigned supreme on the palate neat; super spicy and super sweet like a Caribbean red pepper hot sauce with Scotch bonnet peppers (pour with care!) or pruno; jailhouse hooch – originally made with fermenting fruit juice, plenty of sugar and mouldy bread. We modified to make it with fruit cocktail, oranges, apples, yeast, sugar and raisins. With the addition of water we polished, waxed and painted a wooden boat on the beach and having finished we got a tropical muscle rub cream massaged into our backs – relaxing and rejuvenating!


This was big and powerful; aromas of dark toffee, rich tobacco and wood polish on mahogany as well as steamed malt loaf pudding with rum custard. Let’s gather around the campfire and bake delicious banana boat s’mores – sliced banana with marshmallows, chocolate chips, figs and prunes, sprinkled with curry powder and all wrapped in tin foil. With water, we were tossing Caribbean crab cakes on an oily grill in the sunshine and we finally served them with mango salsa and candied sweet potatoes as we drank refreshing sweet cherry juice ‘spiked’ with ginger and fresh lime juice. After thirteen years in an ex-bourbon barrel, we transferred this rum into a 2nd fill French oak barrique.

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