Demolished Duo

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Demolished Duo

Two single casks from long demolished distilleries, a true time capsule of another era in Scotch whisky.

Both for $1,799, a whopping $329 saving when purchased together!

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97.23 Seductive whispers of oak (Vaults Collection)

An old-school malt of slowly emerging complexity and eye-twitching pleasure. The nose combined orange fondant and golden syrup sweetness with seductive whispers of oak (vanilla, sweetie tobacco and orange crates). On the palate, that whisper became a Carmina Burana chorus of church pews, leather, tobacco strands and spiced rum, cinnamon flambéed bananas, Grand Marnier, Sercial Madeira wine, spun sugar and toffee. The reduced nose was golden sunshine on late summer meadows; walnut toffee, barley sugars, jellybeans, chocolate ice-cream and champagne Bellini. The palate now – teasing oak, orange peel, sugary espresso dregs, heather honey and anise. A fabulous exotic journey.

38.31 The magic is so strong (Premium bottling)

Miraculously we were transported to the Caribbean, to be precise to the island of Antigua, and there to Nelson’s dockyard in the marina called English Harbour with, the non-existing, one o’clock gun being fired – imagination is a wonderful thing! We enjoyed a scoop of blood orange and honey sorbet as well as rum and raisin ice cream on a chocolate waffle cone. With a drop of water we were sitting on the veranda of Clarence House, an 18th-century colonial mansion on the hilltop above the eastern banks of English Harbour and to round it all off we enjoyed the sunset on Shirley Heights – and yes, we had gone loco, but not in Acapulco! Single malt from selected hogsheads, married in a bourbon barrel since 2018.


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