B6.2 Pumpkin red apple sauce

B6.2 Pumpkin red apple sauce

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Freshly baked, fluffy vanilla cupcakes, breakfast cereals made out of toasted maize and wheat squares with a brown sugar flavour, runny honey and ripe Red Delicious apples. On the palate, a wonderfully creamy texture like pumpkin apple sauce with plenty of brown sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and lemon zest. With the addition of a little water the aroma had a gentle wood spice at first followed by cinnamon swirls, golden syrup and muscovado sugar but at the same time – the freshness of honey dew melon and chamomile. We were now snacking on sweet and tangy dried apricots and papayas – once you start you can’t stop.  The mashbill was 70% corn, 20% wheat & 10% malted barley. The cask was coopered from 36 month air dried staves that were then charred to a #4.

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