Around the world in three bottles

Around the world in three bottles

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Three continents, three remarkable casks, three outstanding flavour profiles. Cask 51.6 from Ireland, Cask B3.4 from the USA, and Cask 35.196 from Scotland. Some of these casks have and will never be seen by themselves in an Outturn again, so don’t miss out.

Cask 51.6 A fruity smooch | 16yo | alc 56.4 | 1st fill barrel | Outturn 234 bottles | Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

A nose bursting with soft green fruits, lemongrass, meadowsweet, little touches of nougat, camphor, pink million sweeties, lemon curd and well-sugared pancakes. Some orange and lemon throat lozenges, the sting of a crushed nettle and a good slug of tropical sauvignon blanc (all grass, pineapple and no cat’s pee). Water brings a sense of mineralic gravitas; steel wool; coal dust; pineapple cubes and pink marshmallows. At full strength the mouth is alive with syrupy, glycerine like fruitiness. Juicy fruit bubblegum, soft mints, lavender oil, passion fruit sorbet, caraway, pine resin and a few touches of motor oil. Reduction shows foam bananas, spearmint chewing gum, lanolin, buttered toast, bramble liqueur, strawberry bonbons and just a lick of spice. Harmonic and beautiful.

Cask B3.4 Bucking bronco | 3yo | alc 57.0 | New oak barrel | Outturn 210 bottles

Some panellists went corybantic-crazy for this (not sure they’ve recovered yet!) – the nose bursts with brandy snaps, banoffee pie, juniper berries, cinnamon and liquorice – one panellist imagined playing cards in a mahogany-panelled speakeasy with a gangster’s moll (living dangerously!). The palate was dry as wood shavings, with burnt orange, black tea, cinnamon bark, cloves, dried figs, cherries, marzipan, dark chocolate, honey and well-torched crème brûlée. The reduced nose developed all the polished leather of a rodeo and the Tiger Balm muscle rub required after one. The palate now found clove and orange pomanders, cherry brandy, peppermint and astringent wood – quite an experience!

Cask 35.196 A Moroccan “snake cake” | 14yo | alc 58.2 | Refill barrique | Outturn 255 bottles | Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits

The first thing we noticed was the deep shiny auburn colour and as we poured it into the glass, the scent of polished leather and wood immediately filled the room. Then a glass of sumptuous well-aged Shiraz wine was served with plenty of red and black fruits (cherry and mulberry), along with rosehip and an enticing sweet herbal spice in the background. On the palate, spiced plum jam, dark chocolate covered stem ginger and an orange olive oil cake with candied walnuts. Water released a spiced cranberry and marzipan loaf with blueberry and liquorice jam and the mouth-filling flavours of an almond, pistachio and Turkish delight m’hencha – a Moroccan ‘snake cake’.


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