A3.2 Fruity pipe tobacco (Armagnac)

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A3.2 Fruity pipe tobacco (Armagnac)

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TASTING NOTES: Tate & Lyle’s finest Golden syrup hues hide aromas of labyrinthine complexity. There is an initial waft of fresh figs, over ripe plums, the seats of a Rover 90, Balkan Sobranie pipe tobacco and a touch of Deep Heat, just for good measure. A little surprising then, when the avalanche you expect, becomes a gentle cuddle of flavour. Initial sweetness, gives way to an unctuous embrace of fruity sap wood, and zesty orange flesh, which clings to the palate with a lip smacking fervour. At the end you’re left in a warm and satisfying, gently tannic, afterglow.

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18 years

cask type

Armagnac barrel


Bas Armagnac

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