A3.1 Gravitas and sophistication (Armagnac)

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A3.1 Gravitas and sophistication (Armagnac)

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TASTING NOTES: This delightful old Armagnac is like an elderly statesman full of gravitas and urbane sophistication; a glass to accompany thoughtful contemplation. The nose has floral perfumes and polished wood, syrup of figs, raisins and molasses, orange oil and spiced rum punch – maybe even a medicinal, old-fashioned apothecary’s note. The palate is viscous, intense and weighty – lots of wood (no surprise), gingerbread, treacle and various dried fruits. That dark fruity sweetness is complimented by a dry, spicy finish; imagine a toffee apple laced with cough linctus, imagine PX drizzled on black bun and imagine a tantalising doorway to a time long gone.

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30 years

cask type

Armagnac barrel


Bas Armagnac

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