95.39 Indian summer in a Japanese garden (Vaults Collection)

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95.39 Indian summer in a Japanese garden (Vaults Collection)

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1982. E.T. hits the cinemas, the first CD player is sold, and Malcolm Fraser is our Prime Minister. What a time to be alive! It’s also the same year Cask 95.39 was distilled. Putting that into perspective sometimes helps get a grasp on how truly old this whisky is. 38 years of continual maturation in a single refill sherry butt from one of the most underrated distilleries in Scotland.

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Imagine an early afternoon walk during a beautiful ‘Indian summer’ through a forest collecting mushrooms as well as searching for, with the help of your best friend the truffle-hunting dog, this highly prized fungus. On the palate neat we found a Waldorf salad made with fruits and nuts all served on a bed of lettuce and this time perfectly dressed in vinaigrette made from Pedro Ximénez grapes that have been aged for many years in an oak Solera system. The soft, round sweetness perfectly balanced the sharpness. With a tiny drop of water, a delicate, woody perfumed aroma was released, and we finished in an oriental Japanese garden with plum wine.

Distillery 95 used to be known under the brand ‘Singleton’ because no one could say the distillery name properly. Cask 95.39 is just the 39th cask from the distillery to pass tasting panel, and this release will transport you to another era of luxurious sherried maturation like no other. Earthy dunnage floors, plum wine, and delicate distillate make for “a truly out of body experience”, to quote our ACT State Manager Drew McKinnie.

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