93.99 Drambletown Loch

93.99 Drambletown Loch

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The panel felt as though we were tucking into a bacon wrapped venison haunch on a pier at first with these combinations of medical, meaty and farmyard qualities. Notes of black olives in brine, cider washed cheese wheel, quince chutney and syrupy peat oils. With water we found grilled tuna, snuff, tobacco, fresh leather shoes, smoked mussels, bonfire smoke, an antique writing dresser and a hearty dose of sea air. Pure Campbeltown! In the mouth we found salt water, old medicine, aged muscat wine, fruit pastilles, vapour rub, shellfish and lemon balm. With reduction we found lemon cocktail bitters, cherry bakewell, ash-rolled goat’s cheese, pineapple juice, peat embers, sea salt, barley smoking in an active kiln and mouthwash.

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