93.132 Burnt berries and scorched cherries (Malt of the Month 2)

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93.132 Burnt berries and scorched cherries (Malt of the Month 2)

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Clean aromas embraced sea buckthorn and raspberries on a beach beside rock pools and mussel shells. Fresh mint suggested mojito cocktails with a touch of sea spray and new oak. The palate prickled before scorched skins of orange and grapefruit took us on a path towards barbecued lobster and coal cellars. A drop of water released viscous notes of Brazil nuts and light engine oil before the raspberries returned, now scorched from naked flames, and were joined by singed cherry pie. Ripe mango and marmalade followed on the palate to combine with salty tones from seaweed and burnt sand. Elements of tobacco followed with liquorice and dry wood rounding out the finish.

Distillery 93 is one of only 3 distilleries in the Campbeltown region, but is often unfairly less popular than its neighbour, distillery 27. Founded in 1832, this distillery has changed hands, closed, opened, and been an integral part of many blended whiskies for a long time. Still one of the smaller distilleries operating in Scotland today, their single set of stills, old-school cast iron mash tun, and varied spirit runs make for one of the more interesting outputs available. While we usually get those notes of diesel pumps, horse blankets, and coastal peat bricks, this Cask 93.132 Burnt berries and scorched cherries has distinct tasting notes of raspberries by a rock pool, ripe oranges, ripe mango, lobster tails and hints of tobacco.

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