93.124 3am doner kebabs

93.124 3am doner kebabs

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A furtive nose of ferrets, cow sheds, fishing harbours, old medicine, sheep fanks, engine bits, eviscerated tractors, lemon infused oil, beach stones, hospital corridors, playing sweaty squash with a farmer using a preserved lemon. Moss, sea shells, unsweetened herbal liqueurs and hot smoked mussels. Add water to this beautiful madness and you get sudocrem, smoked woollen undergarments, putty, mercurochrome, pineapple jam, smoky grist cakes, wildflowers, coastal paddling and over-stewed lapsang souchong. Quick! To the palate…! Muesli bonfires, barbecued peach stones, ham hock wrapped in hessian, algae smoothies, game meats, engine oils, mineral salts on fire, hot sand mixed with lemon balm and vapour rubs. Cask strength cough syrup! Swimming alone in a weird pond. Add some of that pond water and you get smoked mineral oils, pine resin, mint extract, lamb stock, posh 3am doner kebabs, petrichor, tar liqueur, herbal toothpaste and essence of gravel. A marvel out of time upon which to found a new religion…

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