93.121 Slubbing Billy and spotted dick

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93.121 Slubbing Billy and spotted dick

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“An interesting nose – cheap chocolate and puff candy at seaside fairgrounds, pumpkin seed oil, an apothecary and a retired Slubbing Billy*. There’s also a hint of smoke if you persevere. The palate definitely gets ash and medicinal smoke but it’s reasonably urbane and perfectly counterpoints the cascade of sweetness in the mouth (Crunchie bars, marshmallows in a chocolate fountain). The reduced nose finds creosote, burnt twigs dipped in honey, fruit slice, spotted dick** and well-fired rolls. The reduced palate is a great balance of chocolate bun sweetness with all the make’s characteristic masculinity, tar, oak, spice and restrained smoke.
*an old-fashioned mechanical apparatus for twisting cotton or wool threads
**a British pudding made with suet and dried fruit”

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