93.108 Earthy and masculine

93.108 Earthy and masculine

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May is whisky festival time in Scotland. This cask was specially selected for the Campbeltown Festival 2019.

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The nose reminded one panellist of fixing his model railway – others got cooking chocolate, pain au chocolat, pine needles, a carpenter’s bench and an Afghan coat. The palate had intense, sweet wood smoke, medicinal elements (menthol, Euthymol) foamy bananas and stewed rhubarb; an after-taste of chewing twigs and coltsfoot rock – all rather earthy and masculine – but good. Water and time improved the nose – perfumed, floral smoke; spicy Christmas baking and an old leather bag of wooden-shafted golf clubs. The palate had hints of herbal smoke, coffee, Murray Mints and salty driftwood – a perfect dram for coming in from the cold.

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