9.211 High tea in the garden

9.211 High tea in the garden

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This appealing nose delivered classic honey notes, golden syrup on pancakes, pineapple cube sweets, plums, lime juice over mango and high tea in the garden (French fancies, Earl Grey, sun-warmed oak). The palate was sweet and buttery, with toffee, apricot Danish and custard over poached pears, Fruit Salad chews, beeswax and oiled wood with dried tobacco leaf to finish. The reduced nose wafted flower meadows, poire belle Hélène, lemon meringue pie and strawberries in a woven basket. The reduced palate balanced subtle fruit (pineapple humps, perfumed pear, star fruit) with sunny sweetness (baklava, rice pudding); pepper, pink pickled ginger and oak in the aftertaste.



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