9.149 Delightful gravitas

9.149 Delightful gravitas

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Our noses got sherbet, orange peel and lemon drizzle cake before something earthier arrived (moist tobacco leaf, polished wood, leather, hay lofts, bodegas). The palate is similar – honeycomb, blood orange and rhubarb rock brightness – but waxed jackets, tea tree oil, pine resin and custard tarts gave it delightful gravitas. On the reduced nose – hibiscus and blackcurrant fruit-tea led to waxed wood, lino cuts, linseed oil, coconut husks, hazelnuts and old furniture. The palate is now balanced orange blossom and fruit bars with Demerara, peppery nasturtiums, sultanas, prunes and sherry rancio. Transferred to a first-fill PX butt after 27 years in an Oloroso butt.

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