72.64 All sweetness and fight

72.64 All sweetness and fight

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The panel first noted the striking colour: a burnished autumnal copper. Then a heady aroma of freshly dipped toffee apple, jam Swiss roll, treacle sponge cake, damson compote, mint tea red laces, warming wood spices and a retro-nasal honey roast vegetable aspect. Water awakens parma violets, lavender oil, putty, wet gravel and pine wood smoke. Along with a wee flourish of savoury herb breads. The palate detonates with flintlock, wood char and orange cocktail bitters. Notes of strawberry laces, some prevalent tannins, green apples, gummy bears and a light dusting of coal embers. Reduction brings further red berry sweetness and an immense and sinewy spiciness. Some bitter chocolate, wood ash, caraway and a freshly zested lemon round things off. Previously matured in a white wine hogshead.

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