70.40 Eloquent silence (Vaults Collection)

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70.40 Eloquent silence (Vaults Collection)

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Like a soft, sweet and sensual kiss – our bodies were flooded with oxytocin – the brain’s happy chemical! On the palate neat initially, as expected, well-mannered but this was soon followed by a surprisingly youthful liveliness, like an old wizard who still has that glint in his eye. With a small amount of water, it appeared to undergo a miraculous rejuvenation, reminding us of Riesling wine grown from old vines in a bumper year with those intense aromas of lemon and layers of minerals. The palate was complex and balanced with candied fruits, gingerbread and in the sneaky finish a delightful citrus freshness.

When this whisky was first featured at the Sydney Gathering in September, the room fell into a veritable eloquent silence. Thirty years in a single cask, yet still so full of life and vigour! A true time capsule of this old school distillery oozing with antique character. There are only a small handful of distilleries that age like this, where instead of looking down into endless oak and dusty bookshelves, you’re greeted with tropical fruits, antiquated barley varietals, and slow graceful ageing. Welcome Cask 70.40 Eloquent silence, an extraordinarily rare snapshot of another era in distillation.

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