7.234 Appealing apricot jamboree

7.234 Appealing apricot jamboree

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In 2019, we started working fastidiously with our expert whisky team from The Vaults on securing a rather special cask to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Australian Malt Whisky Tasting Championship. We tasted more than a dozen casks, all of which were already panel-approved, but ultimately we hand-selected Cask 7.234 Appealing Apricot Jamboree. The brief was simple: we wanted a fun, sharable, quaffable cask that was oily, juicy, and a celebration of everything whisky champs. We also wanted to make sure it was priced affordably for everyone to share in the spirit of the Champs. The full tasting notes from the panel of sponge cake, polished wood, gingerbread and butterscotch had us salivating. This is an important bottling in the Australian whisky appreciation landscape that celebrates the history and future of the Championship that we’re over the moon to finally be able to share with you.

An instantly appealing nose – Victoria sponge, toasted marshmallow, milk chews and apricot Danish; eventually surrendering suggestions of polished wood. The palate starts with mouth-watering fruity sweetness – rhubarb rock, syrup sponge, jam, Fruit Polos and Haribo, before the finish warms with gentle oak, raw rhubarb, gingerbread and sugar-coated fennel seeds. Somehow, adding water deepens the nose – now butterscotch, toffee and demerara on porridge and showing more of the wood, tobacco and red liquorice notes. The palate behaves likewise – Werther’s Originals, caramel and treacle, balanced against stem ginger and dry wood – but without question very easy-drinking and moreish.

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