7.216 Champagne and crepes Suzette

7.216 Champagne and crepes Suzette

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May is whisky festival time in Scotland. This cask was specially selected for the Speyside Festival 2019.

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Imagine spreading a soft cashmere blanket for a picnic on the grass in a meadow full of flowers on a warm late afternoon. We were licking soft vanilla ice cream, chewing coconut cookies and pouring Champagne into flutes – this is the life! Wow – spicy, sweet and fragrant on the palate neat; fluffy waffles with a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup made this a real treat. When we added water we lit a sweet eucalyptus-vanilla scented candle and ate crepes Suzette with flambéed orange sauce accompanied by a jug of Sangria – the night had only just begun.

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