66.181 Herbivore’s temptation

66.181 Herbivore’s temptation

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A rich gravy of malt extract and beef stock bonded sticky barbecued ribs to scorched seafood while a thick layer of cocoa powder became fused to a pine tree by a flamethrower. The steaming embers of last night’s barbecue followed on the palate along with blackened earth, brown sugar and liquorice. Mint and chocolate biscuits quickly transformed into meaty funk as glazed pork roasted beside beef consommé. With water came creamy chicken gravy over sausages as a Highland scene of scorched heather and pine sap conjured sweet memories. Creamy notes followed onto the palate with a milky bedtime drink, the toasty notes of which became cashews and smoked almonds covered in agave syrup.

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