64.120 Semifreddo and Spaghetti ice cream (Malt of the Month)

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64.120 Semifreddo and Spaghetti ice cream (Malt of the Month)

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The rarity of seeing a code 64 as Malt of the Month makes for exciting news. Located around the corner from distillery 46, the distillate from 64 is barley-driven, tropical fruits, and rarely seen as a single cask, let alone a single malt. A backbone for blenders, the sweet ice cream and spaghetti notes will take you on a Spicy & Sweet adventure through Speyside to relish.

Let’s enjoy a little of ‘the sweet life’ in Italy, we entered a taverna on the Amalfi coast and ordered a Semifreddo ice cream dessert; candied fruit, mascarpone cheese and generously sprinkled with cherry liqueur. On the palate neat, we ordered Caprese salad, sliced fresh mozzarella tomatoes, sweet basil seasoned with olive oil and salt. After a drop of water, we enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea with the additional flavour of Sicilian lemon and honeysuckle and a crystallised sugar swizzle, while to taste Spaghetti ice cream; vanilla ice cream pressed through a spaetzle maker that creates spaghetti type noodles then taking simple strawberry sauce for the marinara and white chocolate for the parmesan cheese.

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