6.44 Sentio bonum bibation (Malt of the Month)

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6.44 Sentio bonum bibation (Malt of the Month)

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Distillery 6 plays an important early part of the Society’s history. After locking away the first five distilleries in 1983, the following year was going to be crucial in the growth of this wonderful club. Distillery 6 is a quirky seaside distillery with an odd number of five stills, weird upward-tilted lyne arms, and horizontal condensers. What does all this jargon mean? It means we get a funky & fruity spirit with a lovely balance of meaty notes and tropical fruits across the palate. If that wasn’t weird enough, their distillery name and single malt have different names. It’s quirks like these that make casks out of Distillery 6 a true delight. Cask 6.44 Sentio bonum bibation is a fun & fruity romp of a cask for Malt of the Month, and we hope that you will also have some ‘feel good bibations’. Drink responsibly, of course…

The nose led us through summer gardens and orchards – apple, peach and pear, tinned fruit salad, Turkish delight, honey and vanilla – merest hints of ginger and wasabi. The palate delivered more definite spice (but still gentle and refined) – ginger, clove, cinnamon and chilli; otherwise tinned mandarins, cherries and peaches (in syrup), runny honey and custard trifle. The reduced nose picked up cola cubes, pineapple chunks, rhubarb and some herbs (mint, bramble bushes, bouquet garni). The palate still had a lively mixture of watermelon, gooseberry, and white currant with caramel and vanilla fudge sweetness and a finish of dry oak and warm spice.


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