59.68 Leather bound petrol station

59.68 Leather bound petrol station

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Welcome back distillery 59! In last month’s Outturn, we excitedly welcomed back distillery 105 — a real gem for whisky fanatics — but this month, we get to welcome back distillery 59! There are far and few between for this Diageo workhorse which is a truly odd distillery in design. There is no mash tun, as they’ve instead opted for a mash filter and hammer setup, the only one of its kind in Scotland. Clean, Highland spirit paired up with a wild cask for this monster of a whisky. Take a journey with us this month back into this fascinating spirit, and see how it pairs with Basik’s bonbons from our special virtual pack this month.

Pencil shavings and charred oak mixed with linseed oil and beeswax on pine wood before polished leather bound together burnt raisins, sticky toffee pudding and dates soaked in diesel. In the mouth a sticky syrup of marmalade, treacle and fruit chutney prepared the taste buds for dark navy rum, cloves, cinnamon and liquorice. Water took us to places of dark chocolate, espresso coffee and charred wood while toasted hot cross buns merged with figs, pears and walnuts. Flavours now embraced more tropical fruit while molasses and demerara sugar mixed into grapefruit juice and coconut oil. After spending 10 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a 1st fill Spanish oak oloroso hogshead.



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