58.28 Usquebae an’ blankets warm

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58.28 Usquebae an’ blankets warm

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If you sniff too deeply, the dry, spirity nature is like a frozen thistle up the nose, but treated with caution it gives pears and toffee apples, gingerbread, juniper bushes and gin; a warm blanket of laundry and blotting paper. With water it settles nicely – pot pourri, snuff, ginger snaps, Blackpool rock and raisins. The initial neat palate is sweet and tart – apple strudel, lemon peel, fresh fruits; with pepper, chilli and cinnamon heat on the finish. The reduced palate is even quite civilised – and tasty; jelly beans, spearmint Mentos and chalky lavender sweets – just a hint of cheek-tingling wasabi at the end.

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