53.413 Bonfire on a Clyde puffer (Malt of the Month)

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53.413 Bonfire on a Clyde puffer (Malt of the Month)

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Welcome Cask 53.413 as Malt of the Month. The 413th cask in 40 years approved by our expert tasting panel, who has, this time, categorised this one in the Heavily Peated profile. An absolutely insane 10 year old smokey blast, you’ll have to imagine enjoying a bonfire on a Clyde puffer boat with notes of vanilla pods, dry roasted peanuts, oily rags, burnt apple, and a whiff of wasabi at the finish. Delightfully balanced and incredibly fun big peat.

We lit a bonfire in the autumn forest while imagining, at the same time, a whiff from a Clyde puffer engine room before peat smoked pears and vanilla pods and dry roasted peanuts took centre stage. On the palate it felt like “we varnished our tongues”, real intense smoke, medicinal, oily and greasy – truly an experience. After the more then needed dilution, we had a burnt baked apple, blackened bananas wrapped in aluminium foil, and we set a blackberry bush on fire. Still big but much more manageable with a sweet fruity plum wine, liquorice all sorts and in the finish a horseradish/wasabi heat.

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