53.371 Hard hat dram

53.371 Hard hat dram

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Sniffing this, you could be underground in an old salt mine, with abandoned machinery – definitely a hard hat dram. Pears poached in peated malt give way to candied lemon and lime, with distant eucalyptus. The palate hints at two-stroke fuel, iron filings and coal, followed by a carbolic mouthwash, but also has cotton candy, cloudy cider, seaweed, pine resin and peppery smoked mackerel pate on olive bread. The reduced nose gets pebble beach driftwood, toasted marshmallows, Russian Caravan tea and potting shed aromas. The palate is earthy, herbal and phenolic – rosemary, black peppercorns, French lemon tart, smoked prawns and applewood cured ham.


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