53.331 Hamster supernova

53.331 Hamster supernova

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The Panel decided rather swiftly they were at a seaside barbecue. Notes of smashed cloves, green malt, smouldering dried grass, kippers drizzled with lemon juice and spicy frying sausages over charcoal. In the background tarry ropes, kelp-strewn shorelines and a fishing harbour in the rain. Water added soft ashy notes, wet campfire with smoked mussels in brine, Finnish Lakka, seawater and burning tar. The palate was big, spicy and full of toasted nuts, salted cod, bonfire smoke and medical embrocations. A handful of smoked cereals and fresh, hot langoustine. With water it got more saline, precise and smoky. A muddle of chilli, black pepper, brine, wood embers, hot grist and seafood bisque. A mini bonfire in a hamster cage.

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