53.330 Islay Medley

53.330 Islay Medley

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This one opens on farmyards drenched in medicine. The aromas are texturally fatty and thick. Raw seawater, kippers wrapped in sheep wool, black olive tapenade, fisherman’s boots, dirty brine and peat-flecked silage. Water brings a more heathery peat smoke. Also peat ashes, kiln air, hot smoky wort, lime juice, oyster sauce, cow sheds, wet dogs, battery acid and fermenting hay. The texture in the mouth is even fattier and denser. Lots of smoked game meats, engine oil, boiler smoke and wood ash. Salty fetta cheese, pine sap, germolene and gential eau de vie. With water there’s pink sea salt, pickled onions, fisherman’s friends, cod liver oil, salted white fish, acid drop sweeties, mexcal, disinfectant and briny beach pebbles.

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