53.284 Smoky, malty minerality

53.284 Smoky, malty minerality

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May is whisky festival time in Scotland. This cask was specially selected for the renowned Feis Ile Festival of Malt and Music 2019.

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Imagine a flattering sweet peat smoke which was immediately apparent then add some oysters and scallops cooked on an open fire as well as winter waves sending their iodine rich scent into the salty, misty air and you should get the picture. On the palate neat salty almonds, tangy lemon and lime zest floated in a tide of a ‘smoky malty minerality’. With water a little more phenolic at first (petrol and diesel fumes), but soon turning sweeter with roasted marshmallows, and to taste a lightly smoked tuna salad with sweet relish, sweet corn niblets, mayonnaise and honeyed mustard.

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