52.28 Milking a Cowfish

52.28 Milking a Cowfish

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A tough nose. Brutal and full on with baking soda, sourdough, fabric, linene, sea greens, lambic ales, citrus peel, raw lemon juice, sheep wool, soy sauce, smelling salts and kelp. Water softens it only slightly with notes of wild gorse, tart gooseberry, forest floor and trampled ferns. Gets animalistic with these notes of goat and cow stable. New leather and bovril. The mouth is pin sharp on green peppercorns in brine, salty lemons, saline porridge, savoury pastry, brioche, salted butter and cooling wort. Water gives lemon curd, salty popcorn, lemon thyme, beach sand, cloves, caraway, salty liquorice, sour cherries, plum sauce, five spice and miso.

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