51.6 A fruity smooch

51.6 A fruity smooch

$299.00 inc. GST

TASTING NOTES: A nose bursting with soft green fruits, lemongrass, meadowsweet, little touches of nougat, camphor, pink million sweeties, lemon curd and well-sugared pancakes. Some orange and lemon throat lozenges, the sting of a crushed nettle and a good slug of tropical sauvignon blanc (all grass, pineapple and no cat’s pee). Water brings a sense of mineralic gravitas; steel wool; coal dust; pineapple cubes and pink marshmallows. At full strength the mouth is alive with syrupy, glycerine like fruitiness. Juicy fruit bubblegum, soft mints, lavender oil, passion fruit sorbet, caraway, pine resin and a few touches of motor oil. Reduction shows foam bananas, spearmint chewing gum, lanolin, buttered toast, bramble liqueur, strawberry bonbons and just a lick of spice. Harmonic and beautiful.



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Additional information


16 years

cask type

1st fill barrel

flavour profile

Juicy, Oak & Vanilla


N. Ireland

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