44.143 Good traditional fare

44.143 Good traditional fare

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A fascinating ‘struggle’ between an ‘old-school’ meaty spirit and the cask maturation – how about cooking a beef filet mignon with a garlic beurre noisette. Big and characterful on the palate, braised beef cheeks with pear and bitter chocolate sauce served with Japanese vegetable tempura fritters. With water, the nose turned even more meaty, gamey and oily, hints of garlic even. We decided on a sausage, apple and potato one-pan roast. The taste like beef rolls, thin seasoned beef slices wrapped around a pickle spear, bacon and onion all spread thinly with mustard served with dumplings and red cabbage. After fifteen years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we transferred this whisky into a shaved-toasted-re-charred and oloroso seasoned 1st fill barrique.

A premium quality cask from another of our select cask supply partners – the Vasyma cooperage in Jerez. These are ex-wine barriques that have been specially treated to enhance maturation performance. Known as ‘STR’ – the casks are shaved, toasted and recharred. Shaved – a few millimetres of exhausted wood from the wine maturation is removed to expose fresh active wood; Toasted – the cask is then given a long but gentle heat treatment deep into the wood to generate flavour compounds; Recharred – the outer surface is given a rapid but intense heat treatment to create char which will remove heavier, immature flavours from the spirit. Finally the casks with Oloroso sherry in Vasyma’s bodegas in Jerez. All this leads to the Deep Rich & Dried Fruits profile.



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