44.134 Souper trooper

44.134 Souper trooper

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We encountered initially a rather perfumed nose. All on new leather hardbag, potpourri, white balsamic vinegar, chopped pistachios, aged white port, powder puff and rice pudding. Unusual but enthralling. Water brought out pineapple cubes, nutmeg, white jellybeans, red liquorice and freshly laundered linens. The palate was full of savoury barley broth, cantaloupe melon, lime jelly, camphor, rolling tobacco, menthol cough sweets, baking soda and sweet juniper. With water we found more savoury notes such as chicken noodle soup, ham terrine, dry spiced dates, spicy peanuts and then things like muesli with dark fruits, chalk and sponge cake.

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