42.49 Dirty martini

42.49 Dirty martini

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The initial nose was all on salt and vinegar crisps drizzled with antiseptic. Then bandages, ointments, mercurochrome, pink sea salt and olive pickling juices. A sizzle of pork fat and soy sauce in the background. Reduction brought a sootier and greasier profile. More mechanical oils, putty, burnt sheep wool, tractor engines and muddy wellies. The palate was initially full of caraway and pickled onions. Also malt vinegar, rosemary branches catching on a barbecue, pickled herring and smoked mint. With water we found a big dollop of petroleum jelly, cold smoked meats, pancetta, barbour grease, carbolic wash and fragrant coal smoke. Water brought out a deeply oily texture, molten bacon fat, lanolin, carbolic soaps, natural tar and roofing pitch. Huge, fat, peppery, briny and wonderfully powerful.

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