4.332 Mythic beast (Premium Malt of the Month)

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4.332 Mythic beast (Premium Malt of the Month)

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Cask 4.332 Mythic beast is a masterclass in sherry maturation for a long-aged whisky. 17 years in an ex-Oloroso sherry butt, then an additional 3 years of maturation in a 1st-fill PX sherry butt. This Orkney beast is thick, unctuous, and certainly something special to put on the Christmas table this year. It’s rare to see full-sherried expressions from this distillery, even rarer to see them at this age, and then practically hen’s teeth to see them at natural cask strength! Don’t miss this rich and rare premium offering. Tasting notes of exotic hardwoods, coastal flowers, sandalwood embers, tree bark, soft fudge, dark fruit jams, and chocolate sauce. Some singed smoke, lapsang souchong tea, and smoked sea salt on the finish. Divine.

Big and generous aromas at first, characterised by fragrant exotic hardwoods, resinous herbs, coastal flowers, salted liquorice and singed raisins. Some sandalwood embers and cooking rum in the background too. With water we found orange oils, ginger cake, tree bark and tiger balm. A spicy and deeply layered dram. The neat palate opened with toasted walnuts and subtle, thick smokiness. Beyond which we noted things like soft fudge, pork scratchings, dark fruit jams and game salami. Water released hints of smoked sea salt, chocolate sauce, booze-soaked cherries and lapsing souchong tea. Some natural tar and scented wood smoke in the aftertaste. Matured in an Oloroso butt for 17 years before transfer to a 1st fill PX sherry butt.

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