4.306 Tarred and feathered

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4.306 Tarred and feathered

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A vivid, pure and beautiful aroma of beach foam, pure heather flowers, crushed seashells, ink, sea air and lemon rind. Fresh, vital and wonderfully evocative. Reduction brings out soft waxes, umami pasta water, anthracite embers, gorse flowers and lanolin. Curls of fragrant, Orcadian peat smoke linger over everything. The palate initially revealed brine, green olives and lemon juice with underlying notes of natural tar and herbal mouthwash. Water brought out lightly smoked olive oil, white truffle, black pepper and citrus piths. A waft of warm kiln air maintained richness and a tense but subtle peaty flavour. At 17 years of age, we combined selected hogsheads from this distillery. We then returned the single malt into a variety of different casks to develop further. This is one of those casks.



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