4.238 Surrender your soul

4.238 Surrender your soul

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Cask 4.238 has taken out a SILVER award at the Independent Bottler’s Challenge 2018!

An incredibly seductive scent of sweet cigar smoke, plum and madeira marzipan chocolates, pan-seared scallops with lemon, fragrant mango and apple chutney and lightly smoked sardines in extra virgin olive oil. An explosion of sweet smoke on the palate at first, before grilled smoked eel in a sweet glaze made out of soy sauce, mirin and caster sugar appeared next to spicy coconut curry chickpeas with lemongrass and sweet basil. With water an Italian seafood salad; gently cooked and marinated shrimp, squid, scallops and mussels with lemon juice, olive oil and a subtle seasoning of spices and sea salt flakes. The taste was now irresistible, sublime sweet, smoky and salty lemon toffee popcorn.

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