38.31 The magic is so strong

38.31 The magic is so strong

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Miraculously we were transported to the Caribbean, to be precise to the island of Antigua, and there to Nelson’s dockyard in the marina called English Harbour with, the non-existing, one o’clock gun being fired – imagination is a wonderful thing! We enjoyed a scoop of blood orange and honey sorbet as well as rum and raisin ice cream on a chocolate waffle cone. With a drop of water we were sitting on the veranda of Clarence House, an 18th-century colonial mansion on the hilltop above the eastern banks of English Harbour and to round it all off we enjoyed the sunset on Shirley Heights – and yes, we had gone loco, but not in Acapulco! Single malt from selected hogsheads, married in a bourbon barrel since 2018.


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