38.27 Earl Grey tea tree oil (Vaults Collection)

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38.27 Earl Grey tea tree oil (Vaults Collection)

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A delightfully perfumed nose conjured rose gardens and carnations with chamomile tea in a greenhouse with ripe guava, melon and banana. Waves of complexity began to emerge as curious herbal cough syrup notes fused with a soft waxiness and putty. Herbal nuances followed onto an accomplished palate that displayed butterscotch and fudge alongside buttered crumpets and a touch of marmalade. Water brought a wonderful amalgamation of pineapple, mango and pears with aged riesling wine and Earl Grey tea. Medicinal flavours captured tea tree oil with lemon cough syrup and a superb combination of marzipan, walnuts and coconut husk on the long-lasting finish.


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