35.316 Fine floral fruity fragrances (Malt of the Month)

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35.316 Fine floral fruity fragrances (Malt of the Month)

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Distillery 35 is no stranger to the Society, and members know the quality of spirit we’ve bottled over the years from this popular code. We’re bringing the Light & Delicate for the summer sipping season, which is both bright and delicate, whilst remaining cask strength and full-flavoured. It’s a magical thing when that happens and the perfect summer sipper is born. After 9 years in a 1st-fill ex-bourbon barrel, this whisky oozed cherry blossom, melon, green grapes, Juicy Fruit gum, and orange zest, with a finish of tea, oak, brown sugar, and syrup. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for the full review.

We all enjoyed this gentle nose, which ranged from carnations and cherry blossom fragrance to fruit salad chews, melon, green grapes and candied plums, with pale hints of cotton and blackboard chalk. Fruit dominated the palate – Juicy Fruit gum, apple peelings, orange zest, brambles and strawberry jam; then blue lady tea (with flower petals), sherbet and mild spice to finish. The reduced nose gave us perfumed incense smoke and charred wood, bergamot, sage and honey. The palate still delivered fruit (including medjool dates) but now with greater complexity – tea and oak, gentle smoke, mace and menthol, brown sugar and syrup.

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