35.309 Darwin’s tipple

35.309 Darwin’s tipple

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Sheer brilliance in a glass. Long-term Society members are no stranger to spotting the ’35’ code, but it’s definitely been a while between drams for the code at this end of the spectrum of age. When first tasting this, it’s a remarkably clean and sparkling spirit. A playful spirit full of fresh stone fruit and hidden complexities, this might just be the perfect sipper to bring you back into summer as it fades away. Cracking good fun.

An intriguing initial nose that opened with citrus bath salts and then evolved with laundered fabrics, pineapple cubes, melon liqueur and warm cedar wood. Some aromatic heather flower and mossy notes too. With water we found it became more buttery and sweet with barley sugars, lemon water, malt extract, pollens and kumquat. On arrival in the mouth we noted a creamy, Guinness foam note, then sweet dessert wines, yellow plums baked with calvados and things like marshmallow, apricot jam and vanilla custard. With reduction we found a more herbal theme with lemon verbena, wormwood and tea tree oil. Before lighter aspects like fruit scone mix, banana bread and fruity muesli.

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