35.280 Port scratchings

35.280 Port scratchings

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Boiled blackcurrant sweets, crushed nettles, smoked putty, ground-up aspirin, wormwood, caraway and juniper were all detected initially in this rather bonkers wee dram from Elgin. Also, herbal cough syrup, tea tree oils and eucalyptus. Reduction brought rye bread, wood spices, cinnamon swirls, toasted cumin seeds and sunflower oil. Some greasy workshop rags and varnished wood. In the mouth we found burnt grass, red grape skins, bitter herbal extracts and tree bark dipped in dark chocolate. Some raspberry cordial, mint tea and spiced treacle pudding. Water evolved things towards grassier and more mechanical aspects; mineral oil, furniture polish, bike chains, gingerbread, bitter Irish coffee, tamarind chutney, bouillon stocks and herbal ointments. Matured for 12 years in a bourbon hogshead before being transferred to a port pipe that previously held peated whisky.


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