35.275 A desert island dr(e)am

35.275 A desert island dr(e)am

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“Spectacular opulence, irresistible, luscious luxury and a simple wow” were just a few of the ‘useful’ descriptors from the Panel members. A classic French loaf, pain d’épices, full of warm, comforting aromas thanks to the generous amount of honey and mixed spices (ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, mace and cloves) in the bread’s batter. The taste neat had a fiery temper with plenty of exotic wood spiciness but at the same time that deep rich sweetness of a steaming cup of camomile, honey and vanilla herbal tea. A drop of water and it turned very juicy and very fruity – a desert island dr(e)am! Final comment “goddammit it is good”!

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