35.257 Eau to joy

35.257 Eau to joy

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Lush and suggestively sweet. Lots of herbal butter, hibiscus tea, jasmine, heather flowers, bath bombs, juicy fruit chewing gum, bitter lemon, vanilla biscuits in the over, green cherries, a sprig of lavender and ripe banana. With reduction it gets more overtly citrusy. Also toasted sunflower seeds, cocktail bitters, nutmeg, fresh breakfast cereals and coriander seed. The mouth is wonderfully syrupy in texture. Tutti frutti, papaya, mango chunks, pineapple cube sweeties, red kola syrup, cherryade and mint leaf. Some sweet American cream soda floats with a drizzle of young Sauternes. Water gives spiced custard, Darjeeling tea, caramel milkshake and barley sugar with a lick of marjoram, oregano and retsina pine wine.

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