35.229 Bountiful yet balanced

35.229 Bountiful yet balanced

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It begins with pencil shavings, graphite and mineral oil before opening up along more fruity fissures with sultanas fruit loaf, ginger cake with lemon icing and damson jam. Wood spice keeps the warmth in. Dilution brings redcurrants, fruit jellies, corn syrup, freshly malted barley, potpourri, caramel logs and millionaire shortbread. On the palate the initial impression is of fruit chutney, ointments and lime curd. In time come wood resins, herbal spices, crispy chicken skin and vegetable stock. A grinding of black pepper as well. With water there’s black wine gums, lemon balm, coal dust and cinnamon bark. A soft liquorice note as well, along with strawberry jam, orange marmalade and warm cocoa.

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