33.139 You would not believe!

33.139 You would not believe!

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A coiled, almost simmering aroma of smoked bramble liqueur, red liquorice, fruity black coffee and angelica root. There’s also cinnamon bark, fennel seed, maraschino cherry juices, squid ink, pasta water, dried herbs and roasted walnuts. Dark, murky and full of alluring siren calls. With water there’s molten Turkish delight, hazelnut liqueur, cherry kirsch, toasted pine cones, green pepper, waxed canvas and Elastoplast drizzled with hot tar. Some exotic grilled pineapple chunks over sizzling coals. The palate is like sarsaparilla syrups and homemade birch beer. Salted Dutch liquorice, spiced shrimp croquettes, aged tar liqueurs and 1950s herbal bitters. Some mysterious dark rums cut with iodine drops, cough medicines and burnt brown sugar. Reduction offers smoked breads, burnt heather, shilling ales, Marmite on burnt toast, dried apricots, bitter orange marmalade with coriander seed and juniper. Chewing a clove for toothache on a pirate ship! The finish rolls out on waves of sooty lemon cough drops, barley water and tarry rope.

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